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SHS Band

by Amanda Johanson

Have you ever been sitting in your fifth period class and hear a fe notes of a snappy march? You may wonder, "Where is that music coming from?" Maybe not, but if you do, it's the SHS band rehearsing.

Some think that the band is for geeks, but the people who believe that are missing out. Yes, we all agree that the uniforms are overly fancy, but once you get beyond that, you'll see a group dedicated to greatness and pride.

I spoke with Jen Hirst and Jessica Cunha to find out th inside scoop. Jen says that she loves the band; she's been in in for three years. She's involved with musicians who are part of the Senior Districts, a select group of the best musicians in the region. Jess enjoys her role in the Color Guard, where she and the band will be traveling to Annpolis, Maryland later this year. Their last achievement was the Christmas concert on December 17.

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