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SHS Profiles

Dr. Bevelander

by Valerie Santiago

While walking through the halls of Somerville High, students may be surprised to see a prominent new face at the school. This man is our new headmaster, Dr. Donald Bevelander. Dr. Bevelander is a veteran to teaching; he has been involved In the profession for fifteen years. He has spent most of this time in the Greater Boston area because, as he says, "I like to work with urban kids." Ofall the schools that had offerings for a new headmaster he chose Somerville High because of its "good reputation, leadership and diversity. When asked about the curriculum at Somerville, he said that it was of good quality and the same or better than other schools that he had seen.

One of the main concerns on students' minds is the book projects They are a big hassle and students seem to think that they have no purpose. Dr. Bevelander says that the only reason whv we do them is "for the well-being ofthe students." Many students are going out into the work field after high school and aren't qualified because of their lack of education. Whether one is going to college or straight to work, one should be able to follow directions and have good reading skills. He went on to say that reading can't hurt anyone and never has. So we just have to deal with the book projects because nothing is going to change.

You should look forward to seemg Dr. Bevelander in the halls and in classes. Other events that Dr, Bevelander will be attending are: class activities. student council, Somerville sporting events, and, of course, lunch in the cafeteria.

Dr. Bevelander has approached our school with good intentions and a warm heart. His friendly smile shows his newly-acquired Somerville Pride. He is proud to be the headmaster of "the best-kept secret around." and we are proud to have him.

Xuan Luu

by Sarah Ahmed

Xuan Luu is a senior at Somerville High School. She is actively involved in many ofthe High School's extracurricular activities. As a member of the Computer Club, French Club, Academic Decathlon, Astronomy Club, National Honor Society and as President ofthe Math and Science Clubs, she has a very heavy extracurricular schedule. Xuan juggles her schedule by "taking [activities] one at a time and having priorities." She is motivated by her parents, who emphasize to her that she's more privileged than many others, and, therefore, should work hard to achieve her goals and potential. Xuan arrived in America eight years ago from Vietnam. She is seventeen years old and has an older brother in college. Her favorite subjects are biology and French. Xuan's ambition is to enter the field of medical research. Her other interests include science, tennis, working in groups and listening to soft rock and classical music. Xuan has a sarcastic sense of humor and a contagious energetic attitude towards life.

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